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School Design PD Catalog

The following opportunities will help members of our national school network learn to implement our school model with fidelity, exploring our 38 core practices for transforming curriculum, instruction, school culture, assessment, and leadership. 

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Site Seminars

Site seminars are carefully structured two-day events that demonstrate implementation of the design principles and core practices of EL Education. Credentialed network schools hosting site seminars implement the EL Education model at a high level and have proven impact in terms of high levels of student achievement. Leaders and staff exhibit teaching and leadership skills that exemplify the EL Education model.

Site seminars are focused, purposeful, and intensive. They highlight the school-wide implementation of critical aspects of the EL Education model that the school does particularly well, in addition to demonstrating strong overall implementation of the EL Education approach.

During the seminar, participants visit classes for long periods of time; meet with administrators, teachers, students, and parents; and examine exemplary student work. They collect observations and make sense of these observations in small and large groups.

Note:There are two types of site seminars—General and Leadership. General site seminars are designed to address learning targets that are relevant to a broad range of educators and others interested in learning more about EL Education core practices. Leadership site seminars are focused on specific leadership structures used by high-performing EL Education Network Schools to support strong teaching, deeper learning, and effective school culture. The target audience for leadership site seminars is educators who currently hold or plan to hold a leadership position at a school.

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School Design Institutes are designed to be a powerful introduction to EL Education’s Core Practices for educators new to our whole school model. In each institute, participants engage as “students” in a slice of a content- and literacy-rich learning expedition. They experience the practices that characterize high-achieving, engaging classrooms throughout our school network. The practices focus on developing a strong classroom culture, engaging students in daily assessment, and using effective instructional practices (e.g., building background knowledge, strategies for helping students read closely, vocabulary work, numeracy, fieldwork, using experts, and scaffolding to create high-quality work).

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Leadership Development

Throughout 25 years of our work with schools, we have seen time and time again: when schools invest in developing shared leadership and focus on leading for impact on a daily basis, they significantly increase their overall capacity for improvement. 

Shared leadership provides an opportunity for aspiring principals to learn and practice skills in the context of authentic leadership, creating a pipeline of leaders ready to step into the principal role when needed.

We’ve designed a set of new offerings that will launch during SY18–19 to both develop future school principals and to support leadership across a range of roles in your schools: team leaders, coaches, assistant principals, and principals.

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