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Our School Network

One key to the ongoing success of EL Education? A national network of school partners who provide a new vision for what is possible for students. Our partners span a diverse range of public schools, from PreK through 12th grade, across urban and rural communities. Our partnerships with these schools promote inclusion in the classroom and transform every aspect of teaching, learning, and achievement through their work, their focus, and their people.

The Work



Our national network partners implement 38 core, research-based practices that make up the EL Education model. These practices address every aspect of a school’s instructional program, culture, and leadership. It’s a comprehensive approach that fosters cohesion, consistency, and a common vision.



Our network partnerships support the learning of every member of the school community—teachers, leaders, and students. By creating inclusive classrooms, we are transforming those classrooms into spaces of active, engaged learning focused on supporting the achievement of every student.



Our network partners engage in multi-year EL partnerships designed to permanently shift instruction, assessment, and school culture. These partnerships provide targeted professional development for both teachers and leaders, with personalized coaching and lasting school structures.

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The Focus

Curriculum and Instruction


Our approach to curriculum and instruction makes standards come alive for students. Linking learning to real-world issues, students engage in projects that yield solutions for audiences beyond the classroom—“real work for real audiences.” In doing so, students meet rigorous standards, refine ideas, develop perseverance, and discover they can do more than they thought possible.

Culture of Respect


We partner with schools to create cultures of respect, responsibility, courage, and kindness, where students and adults are committed to achievement and active citizenship. Fundamentally transforming relationships across the school, our approach directly supports the academic mindsets, habits, and character of the students we serve.

Robust Leadership


In EL Education schools, leadership is robust, distributed, and focused on the achievement of every student. School leaders model the values we strive to instill in students, and ensure that every classroom is led by a caring, effective teacher. They use data from multiple measures to support the EL Education vision of student achievement and implement school-wide structures to realize it.

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The People


  • Become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and effective learners.
  • Build the skills to tackle complex ideas, problems, and texts.
  • Develop the character and habits needed for success in college, careers and life.
  • Experience the curriculum through investigation, inquiry, and application.


  • Build the ability to help all students achieve more than they thought possible.
  • Benefit from professional development, collaboration, and coaching.
  • Develop the skills to design engaging lessons, implement compelling curriculum, and create classrooms where all students thrive.


  • Engage in ongoing learning to develop a dynamic school culture.
  • Use data for continuous improvement and support the growth and learning of every student and teacher.
  • Become change agents in their communities and serve as catalysts for improvement.

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