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Professional Development

We partner with educators and leaders to nurture potential and lift practice so that our partners can achieve their highest professional aspirations. Our signature professional development empowers teachers to leverage our school model and award-winning literacy curriculum for remarkable student achievement.

We have refined our professional learning offerings for 25 years in partnership with educators across our diverse network and with third party researchers. Our sessions have been rated at the top of the nation for engagement and effectiveness (by the The National Staff Development Council no less!). 

Discover the professional learning opportunities that strengthen your work and align with your needs.

Professional Development Catalog

School Design

El Education School Model In Action

Members of our national school network learn to implement our school model with fidelity, exploring our 38 core practices for transforming curriculum, instruction, school culture, assessment, and leadership. Choose from a series of 3- or 5-day institutes, site seminars, and induction events.

School Design Catalog

Curriculum Services

Teachers Implementing The El Education Curriculum

Work alongside our expert coaches to implement our literacy curriculum and fulfill your students' unique needs. Choose from 2- or 4-day institutes, onsite or virtual coaching, and self-paced online courses proven to transform teacher practice for veteran and new teachers.

Curriculum Services Catalog

National Conference

El25 National Conference Emcees

Join 1,000 practitioners at our annual conference. Discover our signature tools and proven methods for raising student achievement. Lift your practice alongside experts in master classes and immersive learning experiences. Build community during exclusive events for partners.

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Expert Books For Educators By El Education

Dig deep into EL Education practices and protocols with award-winning books by our expert author team. Learn at your own pace as you unlock tools for creating authentic, challenging, collaborative, and expeditionary learning environments which foster leadership, character, and lasting knowledge for students.

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Our Approach to Professional Development

Modeling the "EL Way"


Our professional development asks teachers and administrators to be learners and to experience fully what it means to engage with content and skills the "EL way." Our facilitators model effective instruction, and our participants collaborate in small and large groups to build a personal and meaningful understanding of the topic.

A Learning Community


Our offerings bring participants together from across our school network and family of literacy curriculum partners. They come from urban, suburban, and rural schools and teach a wide range of content areas; they have been partnering with EL Education for varying lengths of time. This diversity strengthens our professional learning community.

Experiential Learning


Put on your “student hat” to experience a “slice” of learning that explores meaningful content in science or the humanities. Slices provide context and motivation for learning specific skills. The topics covered engage adult learners while modeling curriculum design, instructional practices, and assessment strategies. Wear your “teacher hat” for debriefing and applying learning to your own classrooms and schools.

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