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Join more than 1,000 practitioners at ELNC18, our premier annual conference, as you discover our signature tools and proven methods for redefining and raising student achievement. Lift your practice alongside experts in master classes and immersive learning experiences. Build community during exclusive events for EL partners.

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National Conference – Philadelphia, PA – November 9-11, 2018

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Pre-Conference Day – November 8, 2018

Join us for an optional Pre-Conference Day on November 8, 2018. Pre-conference events will feature a school visit, “slices” of science and humanities-based learning that immerse participants in a compelling topic, and best practice workshops.


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Best-Practice Workshops

 Promoting Educational Equity

Research reminds us that many of our most underserved students of color, English language learners, and students who qualify for special education do not receive the same quality of education as white students and those of greater socio-economic means. We, as educators, are in a unique position to leverage our power and privilege to promote equity for all learners. In this pre-conference session, we will engage participants first in examining themselves by asking the questions:hat are your biases and social identities?  Where does your power, privilege, and allyship emerge?  We will then build upon this greater self-awareness to identify school and classroom practices that can create and sustain a more equitable culture for adults and students at school—one that promotes deeper learning for all, helping us to create a more just and inclusive society.

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Exploring Paradigm Shifts in Literacy Instruction

Come learn with us about how designing and implementing the EL Education K-5 Language Arts Curriculum has pushed our organization’s thinking on big paradigm shifts in the field of literacy learning (e.g., guided reading, writer’s workshop, reader’s workshop). What have we learned about literacy instruction that promotes equity and excellence? And perhaps more importantly, what have we had to unlearn, based on our own prior beliefs or practices? Whether you are implementing our language arts curriculum or designing your own curriculum, come grapple with us! Consider strengths in your current literacy instruction, what may need to change, and why.

Cultivating a Love of Math: Flipping Your Culture of Mathematics for Schoolwide Success

"I'm not a math person" is a pervasive and destructive belief plaguing American schools and causing the U.S. to place fortieth amongst developed nations (on the most recent international PISA assessment). In this one-day workshop, participants will deepen their understanding of how to transform school culture—for leaders, teachers, students, and families—toward higher mathematical understanding and achievement. Teachers and leaders will be supported to construct strategic plans aimed at flipping the culture of mathematics in their districts, schools, and classrooms.

Unleash the Potential of Shared Leadership Through Accountable Teams

Unleash the potential of shared leadership at your school by developing the capacity of teacher teams. Improving student learning isn’t a top-down endeavor. In order to accelerate improvement and help it gain traction schoolwide, school leaders need to empower teachers to lead collaborative work. To do this, leaders need to invest in specific leadership development and build the skills of people across roles. In this session, you’ll assess the work of teams at your school on a continuum. You’ll gain a vision of what is possible: accountable teams where members bring a laser-like focus to student learning and a willingness to hold each other accountable to shared commitments. Through reading case studies and sharing ideas with each other, you’ll learn about the skill sets and mindsets needed to help teams make progress along the continuum to become more accountable. This session includes readings and activities from SY17-18 Regional Leadership Cohort meetings last year (SY17-18), and it is open to educators across roles with particular relevance for members of schoolwide leadership teams.

“I Like Wondering about Language”: Using Language Dives and Conversation Cues to Support English Language Learners in EL Education’s Language Arts Curriculum

Learn how to make the difference for English language learners in the complex content of the EL Education K-5 Language Arts Curriculum. Go deep with Language Dives: daily student conversations about the language in a key sentence from complex text. Broaden support with Conversation Cues: questions teachers can ask students to promote productive and equitable discussion. Why should you invest the time to master Language Dives and Conversation Cues? Hear directly from a teacher and her students at Lead Academy (South Carolina), which is seeing compelling results with a large ELL population. Glean insight from our national ELL expert, Rebecca Blum-Martinez, who helped guide the development of the curriculum’s ELL support system, and collaborate with our ELL curriculum designer and coach. Discover ways to support beginning ELLs and transform the lives of routinely “forgotten” higher-proficiency ELLs. These high-leverage approaches support students to meet standards and become proficient and empowered communicators.

School Site Visit

Eco Charter School (Literacy Curriculum Partner)

The Environment Community Opportunity (ECO) Charter School is an EL Educationiteracy partner providing quality urban education to students in grades K-7 in Camden, New Jersey. ECO Charter School’s explorers “learn by doing.” They are taught to think critically and creatively, to problem solve collaboratively, and to make positive contributions to their local and global communities. This visit is designed to showcase how ECO Charter School’s beliefs in joyful learning, teaching, and school-family partnership have supported the implementation of EL Education’s Language Arts Curriculum in grades K-7 and transformed literacy instruction. Participants will explore the essential components of how students feel valued, respected, and guided towards being leaders of their own learning. Witness first-hand how ECO students create high-quality work that matters by inspiring students to become self-motivated, socially-aware, active learners and communicators—empowering students to pursue their own opportunities to create a better world.

Learning Expeditions (Slices of Learning)

A Day in the Life of a Humanities-Based Learning Expedition

Dive in to this Humanities-focused “slice” of a learning expedition as we partner with Philadelphia community organizations to experience first-hand how it feels to “live the learning” of an expedition. Engage as both a student and a teacher in exploring a compelling topic, rich fieldwork, and knowledgeable experts; leave with a better understanding of how to craft and use expedition instruction and assessment practices to help your students master standards and contribute to a better world.  

Bringing Physical Science and Engineering to Life: A Slice of a Science-Based Learning Expedition

Join us for a unique opportunity to live the learning with Ron Berger at the University of Pennsylvania robotics lab with world leaders in robotic engineering. Engage in a science-based “slice” of a learning expedition and leave with a better understanding of how a compelling, local topic or resource can powerfully drive instruction.