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COVID-19 Policy for EL Education In-Person Events

As an education organization, the safety of our students and educators is paramount. Participants at EL Education events attend from all over the world, then return to their own schools and families.

In order to keep our EL community as safe as possible, we are taking the following precautions for our in-person events:


All attendees must provide documentation that they are fully vaccinated as defined by the CDC guidelines which may evolve over time. “Fully vaccinated” is currently defined by the CDC as two weeks after getting a 2-dose series of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna) or a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine (Johnson & Johnson). While the CDC does not currently require boosters in order to be considered fully vaccinated, we will be monitoring our policies and updating them to reflect CDC guidelines. If a participant cannot provide documentation that they are fully vaccinated, they may not attend the event.

COVID-19 Testing

EL Education requires all in-person participants to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test (either PCR or rapid test) within 24-48 hours of the start of the event. We strongly encourage participants to test prior to leaving for the event, but if you are unable to test beforehand, there will be rapid tests available to you upon arrival.


Depending on the configuration of the meeting space(s), current COVID-19 positivity rates, and policies in the city/state where the event is being held, face masks may be required when indoors. EL Education will share more details about mask policies leading up to the event.


We have partnered with Crowdpass to verify vaccination records and test results in a secure environment. Participants will download an app prior to the event and will need to upload their vaccination information and negative test results in order to be cleared for entry.

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Safety Policies

What data did EL Education consider when making their COVID-19 safety policy decision?

EL Education’s Future of Work Task Force consulted widely validated recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and surveys of staff and partners to develop a new policy for COVID-19 Safety at in-person EL Education Events. The Task Force is a diverse group of stakeholders from different roles, geographies, identities, and areas of expertise who meet weekly, track the impact of COVID-19 on the EL Education community, and recommend COVID-19 safety policies.

Why did EL Education implement these policies?

The safety of our community is paramount. All precautions will create safer conditions that make our environments more inclusive for as many participants as possible. EL Education is known for providing engaging, hands-on professional learning events, virtually and in person. We are excited to return to offering safe in-person choices.

When was the decision made?

The decision was made in February and is reevaluated regularly by the EL Education Future of Work Task Force.

Why is the EL Education testing and vaccination policy more rigorous than many school and district policies?

Schools and districts generally serve local communities, while EL Education serves communities around the world. Participants attend EL Education events and then return to their students, their schools, and their families. We take this seriously, and aim to make our events as safe and inclusive as possible.

How will vaccinations and test results be tracked?

EL Education has partnered with Crowdpass, a secure app specializing in tracking this data for events. You will receive a link to download an app, and then will be prompted to upload all necessary documentation into their secure environment.

What happens if your vaccine is not confirmed through Crowdpass?

If your vaccination status cannot be confirmed, you will not be able to attend the event.

Does this mean staff also need to be vaccinated and test negative?

Yes - all attendees (including staff) must be vaccinated and have a negative test for any in-person event.

Please submit any expenses to Expensify and code to “Staff Travel - Other” and put “COVID-19 testing” in the comments.

Are policies the same for EL Education staff and event attendees?


What do I do if I test positive?

Please be sure to do your rapid test before you leave your home. If the result is positive, please cancel your trip and stay home. Notify Nicole Graziano, Customer Success Manager, at ngraziano@eleducation.org.

What is EL Education’s refund policy for external events?

If you cannot attend an event for which you have registered, please notify Nicole Graziano (ngraziano@eleducation.org) in writing at least 14 calendar days before the event. In the case of a no show or cancellation less than 14 calendar days prior:

  • the school/participant(s) will be responsible for paying the full cost of the event slot(s)
  • a pre-paid contracted event slot will be deducted and marked “used” from the school’s contract

There are three exemptions to this policy:

  • You test positive for COVID-19
  • Someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19
  • According to the CDC , COVID-19 rates are high at either the event location or where you live and you are therefore no longer comfortable traveling.

EL Education is not responsible for cancellation charges related to travel and lodging.

Will EL Education still offer virtual events?

EL Education will continue to offer virtual events when that format better meets participant needs and interests.

How will I know if an event is virtual or in person?

Keep an eye on the event calendar for new professional learning opportunities and see the event description for information on whether the event is virtual or in person.

What if I don’t see the answer to my question in the FAQ?

Unfortunately, EL Education does not have additional information at this time.

We aim to provide outstanding adult learning experiences for all participants. If you know that you will not be able to stay for the whole professional development offering, please arrange to take it at another time. The success and spirit of our professional development experiences depend on full participation. Late arrivals or early departures interrupt the opportunity to build and sustain a cohesive institute culture and nurture growth in adult learning.

Visit the EL Education website calendar for registration information for all events. If you have questions about registration, please contact Nicole Graziano, Client Services Manager, at ngraziano@eleducation.org or call 413-362-3068.


For EL Education Partners:

Once a school has submitted a Cooperation Agreement and has paid off any outstanding balances from the previous year, schools will receive a password through Salesforce to register for EL Education PD using slots purchased in a Cooperation Agreement. This happens late July/early August before registration opens on August 9, 2021. Partner Schools using additional slots used beyond those pre-purchased in a contract will receive an invoice.

*Note: If an individual teacher from a partner school wishes to pay for and attend an institute outside from the school’s contract, they may do so at the partner rate.

For PD events occurring between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022, schools with signed contracts and no outstanding balances from the 2020-2021 school year may register for institutes beginning on Monday, August 9, 2021.

For Participants beyond EL Education:

If slots remain available 45 days before an institute, EL opens registration to any interested educators. This wait period does not apply to virtual institutes. Please check event listings for registration deadlines. Participants should register for the institute via the link on the EL Education calendar event page. Registrants can choose to be invoiced or can pay by credit card during registration. Payment must be made in full prior to the event start date.

Confirmations are e-mailed within 48 hours after processing your registration. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Nicole Graziano at ngraziano@ELeducation.org. Please do not book nonrefundable airline tickets without confirmation that your registration has been received and processed.

Registering for an Institute:

EL Education institutes are designed to be an in-depth exploration of the EL Education Language Arts Curriculum or particular components of EL Education’s Core Practices. As such, schools that partner with EL Education are given priority registration for institutes. Registration for institutes opens August 9, 2021.

Others may register 45 days before the institute if space remains. This wait period does not apply to 1 Day virtual institutes.

Please email Nicole Graziano for details.

Registering for National Conference 2022:

National Conference registration will open on August 8, 2022 for all registrants.


If a registrant can no longer attend and the school would like to substitute another registrant, please email Nicole Graziano to make the change.

Please Note: for in-person institutes, the substitute registrant should not make travel plans until they receive confirmation that they are registered.


EL Education partners will be invoiced for any PD registrations beyond what has been purchased in their cooperation agreement. These invoices will be sent three times per year as per EL Education’s invoicing cycle.


Virtual Institutes:

Registrants will receive a logistics email with links and specific meeting times from Nicole Graziano, Client Services Manager, at least one week prior to the event.

In-Person Institutes:

Registrants will receive a logistics email from Nicole Graziano, Client Services Manager, upon registering with details that include location, link to make your hotel reservation, start/end times, and meals that will be provided. EL Education does not make travel or lodging arrangements for any event. If you are not local, you should plan to arrive the night before. Coffee/tea and lunch for all participants each day is provided, but participants will be responsible for covering all other expenses for dinner, lodging, parking, etc.

Cancellation Policy

When a space has been reserved for a participant in an EL Education event, facilitation/materials/etc. are all arranged in anticipation of the total number of participants. In the event of a last minute cancellation, EL Education is not able to fill that slot and unfortunately must charge the school/individual for the cancellation.

If you cannot attend an event for which you have registered, please notify Nicole Graziano (ngraziano@eleducation.org) in writing at LEAST 14 calendar days before the event. In the case of a no show or cancellation less than 14 calendar days prior the school, either:

1. the school/participant(s) will be responsible for paying the full cost of the institute slot(s)

2. a pre-paid contracted institute slot will be deducted will be marked “used” from the school’s contract

For EL Education Partner Schools, all institute slots must be used before August 31, 2021. No slots can be carried over into the next EL Education fiscal year that begins on September 1, 2021. In the event that the school designee desires to substitute one purchased slot for another equally priced slot, s/he can do so with written permission of the EL Education Regional Director as long as the change occurs at least 14 calendar days before the purchased institute start date. Substitutions are NOT permitted if the purchased institute has already occurred or is within 14 days of occurring.

EL Education Partner Schools also may register for EL Education events outside of contract and be invoiced later. The 14 day cancellation policy still applies.

EL Education reserves the right to cancel programs because of low registration. In the event of cancellation, EL Education will notify participants at least 10 days in advance of the event. EL Education is not responsible for cancellation charges related to travel and lodging.

Inclement Weather Policy

If participants are unable to travel due to inclement weather, EL Education will cancel their registration without penalty, and credit their registration fee to apply toward attending another upcoming offering.

EL Education is not responsible for cancellation charges related to travel and lodging.

Special Accommodations

EL Education aims to provide an inclusive, welcoming, accommodating environment to all those who participate in program offerings. Please notify EL Education at the time you register if you need a special accommodation (i.e. ASL interpreter, materials ahead of time) by emailing Stephanie Bishop, Director of Program Operations (sbishop@eleducation.org).

Pricing for Professional Development