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K-5 Language Arts Curriculum

Our K-5 Language Arts curriculum is a comprehensive, standards-based core literacy program that engages teachers and students through compelling, real world content. Created by teachers for teachers, our highly-acclaimed curriculum draws on our 25 years of experience in engaging teachers and students in active and meaningful learning.

How the Curriculum is Structured

The curriculum offers either two or three hours of literacy instruction per day, depending on the grade level. The Grades K-2 curriculum offers two hours per day of content-based literacy (module lessons and K-2 Labs) plus one hour of structured phonics (K-2 Reading Foundations Skills Block). Together, these three hours of curriculum are considered comprehensive, meaning that they explicitly teach and formally assess all strands and standards of the Common Core English language arts (ELA) standards for each grade level.

K-2 Language Arts

At the heart of the curriculum, at all grade levels, are the hour-long module lessons. Each grade level includes four modules, which span a full school year. The four modules allow students to build important content knowledge based on a compelling topic related to science, social studies, or literature. Each module uses rich, authentic text throughout.

3-5 Language Arts

The Grades 3-5 curriculum offers two hours of content-based literacy instruction per day (module lessons and the Additional Language and Literacy [ALL] Block), with an additional optional companion Life Science Module, which accompanies Module 2 for a third hour of instruction lasting eight to nine weeks. With or without the Life Science module, the two hours of content-based literacy are considered comprehensive.

Key Resources to Get Started

Curriculum Plans and Curriculum Maps

Eled 001 Currgraphicvisuals Overview Doc

Reviews overarching topics and themes across and within a module.

A list of enhancements

Eled 001 Currgraphicvisuals Overview Swap

Explains changes across the Second Edition modules.

Book, Reading and Materials Lists

Eled 001 Currgraphicvisuals Overview Checklists

Book titles and quantities, plus other resources and materials.

Guidance documents

Eled 001 Currgraphicvisuals Overview Contacts

Describes each curriculum component. 

Language Dives and Conversation Cues

Eled 001 Currgraphicvisuals Overview Speechbubbles

A closer look at how they support your students.

Hide Key Resources to Get Started

Ordering Curriculum Materials and Trade Books

Our partner, Open Up Resources, provides all of the books on the Trade Book List at competitively discounted prices. Books come kitted with curriculum by module, by grade, and by classroom for each teacher. We offer low-cost, high-quality, full-color print student consumables and teacher’s editions. They are provided as conveniently bundled kits with teacher guides and student workbooks for each classroom. For information about ordering trade books and curriculum materials, contact Open Up Resources.

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