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Instructional Resources

Want to learn more about the EL Education model? Visit our microsites offering open educational resources (OER), including our nationally-recognized ELA curriculum, examples of outstanding student work, and tools for teaching such as instructional videos, excerpts from EL Education publications, and key guidance documents.

We hope this collection of free online resources for teachers offers clarity, guidance, and inspiration about core aspects of the EL Education model. Explore, learn, innovate, and share!

Featured Microsite Resources

Standards-Aligned ELA Curriculum

The go-to place to learn about and download EL Education’s Common Core-aligned curriculum! Our grades 3-8 ELA curriculum engages students and supports teachers in building students’ capacity to read, think, talk, and write about complex texts. At the same time, teachers get a vision of the instructional practices that support a Common Core-aligned classroom and the tools to create it.

Models of Excellence

Models of Excellence is a curated, open-source collection of high-quality PreK-12 student work, along with resources to support the use of exemplary student work to inspire and elevate teaching and learning. The site’s featured work and resources help build student skills and dispositions for success in college, careers, and life.

EL Education’s Video Collection

Seeing EL Education practices in action brings them to life! Our instructional videos for teachers, which showcase inspiring classrooms from across the country, are ideal tools to analyze practices you may wish to adopt, customize, or use for reflection and discussion.

PD Packs

PD Packs are web-based learning tools designed for self-study, small group professional development, or large group professional development. Each PD Pack is dedicated to a theme and includes topic pages with carefully selected text and video, as well as questions for reflection or discussion.

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