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Starting Strong

Join this essential series of professional development events for educators piloting and launching our top-rated K-5 Language Arts curriculum. Both leaders and teachers are welcome, whether implementing the curriculum for the first time, or introducing the Skills Block or Labs to an existing curriculum partnership.

Build Community


Connect with like-minded educators

Understand the Design


Learn 'the why' and teach with integrity

Get Grounded


Dig into materials and ask questions

Hide Learning Targets

Days 1-2: Leader Series

Day 1: Leading Implementation

  • Learn the components and structure of the K-5 curriculum.
  • Identify conditions for success and practice providing teachers with timely and growth-producing feedback.
  • Consult with publisher Open Up Resources to address logistical questions and prepare for a successful launch.
  • Join a networking reception and Q&A to hear from other leaders about successful implementation.

Day 2: Choose from sessions such as the following:

  • What to Expect the First Year: Stages of Curriculum Implementation 
  • Shifting our Thinking about Traditional Guided Reading in Primary Grades
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset with Adult Learners

Days 3-4: Teacher Series

Days 3-4, Option 1: Introduction to the K-5 Curriculum

  • Learn the components and structure (Module Lessons plus K-2 Labs and 3-5 ALL block).
  • Analyze how the curriculum meets the needs of all learners.
  • Begin to make strategic choices to inform your planning.
  • Attend Q&A with publisher Open Up Resources to learn how to use curriculum materials.

Days 3-4, Option 2: Introduction to the K-2 Reading Foundations Skills Block

  • Understand the research base, structure, and purpose.
  • Analyze how the three types of assessments in the Skills Block inform instruction.
  • With publisher Open Up Resources, learn how to use the Skills Block curriculum, resources, and materials to plan for a daily lesson.