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District Partnerships

We work alongside district partners to implement the top-rated EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum with strategic planning and professional learning support. Our partnerships are validated by rigorous 3rd party research showing that the EL Education curriculum, paired with PD, measurably lifts teacher practice and yields higher student achievement.

District partnerships enable results through:

  • Shared vision, beliefs about student potential, and strategy for success
  • Research-informed K-8 Language Arts curriculum and Core Practices
  • Highly-rated professional development and coaching for teachers and leaders
  • Curated resources, including celebrated education books and videos and progress monitoring software.

Partner Voices

See inside a district partnership with this snapshot from Detroit Public Schools Community District.

“We chose this curriculum and partnership with EL Education because it offers the whole package: foundational skills, rich texts, engaging lessons, and strong professional development to build our capacity to deliver the curriculum consistently across our district.”

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“We want school to be a place where all students feel empowered—that they have freedom to achieve their highest aspirations. We chose the curriculum because it gives all of our students access to rigor. It engages students in making connections with their personal experiences. Our students see themselves in the literature.

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“Hollis is transforming through the use of EL Education. You can see all the growth at the same time: through the community, the growth of students and their data, through the teachers and their learning. It’s a whole continuum of growth.”

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Explore more curriculum case studies and testimonials from diverse districts achieving remarkable results here.

Professional Development Offerings

Partnerships combine collaborative professional learning opportunities, including:

  • Strategic planning for district-wide curriculum implementation
  • Virtual launch events for leaders, coaches, and teachers
  • Tools and training for implementation monitoring and data collection
  • Instructional coaching cohorts
  • National institutes, conferences, and seminars
  • Self-guided virtual learning

Each option is flexible for virtual learning and enhanced by educator feedback. The virtual curriculum launch events this summer earned 97% satisfaction ratings from 4,500 educators. 93% of participants are confident that they will apply the learning in their schools. Explore more the professional learning catalog here.

"EL was vital to the success we experienced. Using the curriculum changed instruction. No longer did we view standards separately. Instead, [we] were able to see how one built upon the other. The curriculum cycled back. Student voice was heard. The text task and target were all aligned to the instruction. Furthermore, through the use of protocols, the curriculum assisted with classroom management."

Participant Feedback, EL Education Professional Learning

How We Partner

Innovative districts in partnership with EL Education create success conditions by collaboratively determining the best model at which to implement at scale.


District Wide

All schools in a district.



Select schools, scaling implementation each year



Select grade levels and/or select curriculum components, scaling implementation each year.

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Creating a Shared Vision of Quality

We collaborate with partners to build a shared vision for high quality that guides the priorities through all phases of implementation.

Phase 1: Planning


Priority: Shared Ownership

Strategic planning and conditions assessment beginning in the earliest phases of partnership to ensure alignment with district priorities.

Ongoing, regular implementation meetings

Phase 2: Launch


Priority: Tools and Professional Development

Professional learning launch events paired with curated tools and resources for ongoing support

Instructional Coaching Cohorts designed to build capacity and expertise in those leading the work at the school level

Phase 3: Implementation


Priority: Calibration and Guided Implementation

Hands-on, deep learning around what impactful curriculum implementation looks and sounds like in the classroom.

Deliberate and collaborative classroom visits and data collection using refined EL Education tools.

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See the curriculum in action and discover the tools and knowledge to successfully launch the K-8 Language Arts curriculum or Skills block for the first time with our Professional Development.

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