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Partnering with EL Education: Implementing Curriculum for Impact

Proven Theory of Action 

School districts across the country are searching for evidence-based pathways to improve student outcomes.

Our theory of action is:

EL Education offers

  • A high-quality curriculum—No curriculum is higher rated in every category, including standards alignment, text quality, building knowledge, and usability, according to—Received 96% of possible points.
  • Highly useful professional development for teachers and leaders—93% of participants are confident that they will apply the learning in their schools.

Evidence: Two rigorous research studies provide evidence that our curriculum and professional development improve student achievement across grades K-8:

  • The Teacher Potential Project, a $12 million federally funded, five year study by Mathematica Policy Research, found significant impacts on teacher practice and student achievement.
  • A study conducted by WestEd found that students in an urban district using the EL Education curriculum performed 13 percentile points higher than a national comparison group after just one year.

How We Partner

Innovative districts in partnership with EL Education create success conditions by collaboratively determining the best model at which to implement at scale.

We collaborate with partners to build a shared vision for high quality that guides the priorities through all phases of implementation.

Participant Feedback

“They were positive, helpful, and informed. Best of all, they understood that this is a monumental undertaking and made us feel like we could grow to accomplish integrity when teaching this curriculum.” EL Education Curriculum PD Participant

Integrated Structures for Success 

EL Education District Literacy Partnerships integrate seven foundational elements:

  • Conditions Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Sharing Agreement
  • Calibration and Ongoing Progress Monitoring
  • Professional Learning for Teachers and Leaders
  • Instructional Coaching Community
  • Implementation measurement tools (walkthroughs & surveys) through our platform, the EL Education Dimensions Data Platform
"EL was vital to the success we experienced. Using the curriculum changed instruction. No longer did we view standards separately, instead [we] were able to see how one built upon the other. The curriculum cycled back. Student voice was heard. The text task and target were all aligned to the instruction. Furthermore, through the use of protocols the curriculum assisted with classroom management."

See the curriculum in action and discover the tools and knowledge to successfully launch the K-8 Language Arts curriculum or Skills block for the first time with our Professional Development.  

To learn more about partnering with EL Education for curriculum implementation, contact our team at