What is EL Education?

Thinking in a new direction
Across the country, educators, policy makers, and parents are looking for ways to fix an education system that is failing far too many students. EL Education offers a different approach to school improvement, and we have the results to prove that it works. We engage our students so that they become self-motivated learners. We inspire our teachers and give them the tools they need to make a difference in their students’ achievement. And we give hope to communities that have lost faith in the ability of their schools to prepare young people for success.

Inspiring transformation
A thriving professional network
We partner with school districts and charter boards to open new schools and transform existing schools at all levels, pre-K–12, and in all settings — urban, rural, and suburban. Since our start in 1992, we have grown from a small group of ten schools into a diverse national network of more than 150 schools.

Powerful professional development
We invest in the growth of both new and veteran teachers, helping them create rigorous and stimulating learning environments where students love to learn and teachers love to teach. We offer schools a comprehensive suite of professional development, coaching, and online tools to improve curriculum design, instruction, school culture, leadership, and assessment practices.

Engaged teaching and learning
Our model challenges students to think critically and take active roles in their classrooms and communities. This results in higher achievement and greater engagement in school. Our schools give students the academic and character-building skills they need to reach their potential as learners and leaders.

“The idea is to put really important and difficult work together with great joy in doing it.” Greg Farrell , President Emeritus, Expeditionary Learning

Cultivating student success
EL Education schools are outperforming state and district averages on standardized tests and closing critical achievement gaps. In many US cities, our schools are the highest-performing public schools, and in our high schools, 100 percent college acceptance is the standard. For our students, the benefits are clear.

Students in our schools:

  • Graduate with the academic knowledge, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving capacity needed to succeed in college and beyond
  • Hold themselves and their peers to high expectations for quality work, commitment to learning, and character
  • Take leadership roles in their schools and communities
  • Engage their families and communities in their learning by leading family conferences and making formal presentations to expert panels
  • Complete projects that challenge them to do the work of professionals — scientists, historians, mathematicians, writers, and artists
  • Work with experts and conduct field research to produce high-quality academic products that meet professional standards
  • Contribute to their communities through meaningful service embedded in the curriculum
  • Benefit from learning in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe, marked by kindness, respect, and responsibility
  • Find joy in learning

“This kind of innovative school... is an example of how all our schools should be.” Barack Obama , US President, at Capital City Public Charter School, Washington, DC

Building quality schools
Our on-site coaching, off-site institutes, mentor schools, print materials, and online resources help new and existing schools move toward excellence.

Dynamic leadership
We support school leaders in building effective, collaborative teams focused sharply on student achievement, continuous improvement, and celebrating learning across the school.

Compelling curriculum
We make content and skills standards come alive for students by connecting learning to relevant issues, identified needs, and authentic audiences. Academic content is charged with rigor through the curricular structures of learning expeditions, case studies, projects, fieldwork, consultation with community experts, service learning, and exhibitions of student work.

Engaging instruction
We teach effective instructional strategies during off-site institutes and on-site professional development sessions. Our school designers work one-on-one with individual teachers in the classroom and outside of class to plan, model, critique, and support best practices.

Continuous assessment
We equip teachers to infuse ongoing formative assessment into their lessons and to build effective summative assessments to track student learning. We support a whole-school focus on using multiple sources of data to refine instruction and improve student achievement.

Positive school cultures
We help our schools build cultures of respect, responsibility, courage, and kindness, where students and adults are committed to quality work and citizenship.

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