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Virtual Crew Planning Templates

Part of the Virtual Crew Collection

When getting started, the goal is provide simple and accessible tools for leading Crew and creating moments of connection.

Key moves towards this goal:

  • Evaluate access to technology
  • Pick a platform/format
  • Decide on live/synchronous or recorded/asynchronous
  • Adapt or create a planning template

Here, we offer some daily templates as an example of what you might create, adopt or adapt to suit the platform you are using, how many crew members meet at one time, and their ages.

In planning virtual crew lessons, the priority is simplicity. Every time, students and staff simply need to connect. Over time, they need to sustain their senses of belonging, purpose, and agency. A template can create a predictable container to meet those needs.

For google versions of these templates, click here or on any image.

developed by Shatera Weaver

These templates were developed by Sarah Purdy, Beth Mowry, and Shatera Weaver, respectively. To see examples of completed plans, look in "Lesson Plan Examples: Synchronous Virtual Crew."

Have an example to share? We are learning alongside you about what virtual crew can look like, and welcome your contributions. Use this form or email Sarah Norris at

And for the treasure-hunters out there, we are maintaining this public folder with everything we find.


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