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Trading Cards

Part of the Projects at Home Collection

Create trading cards about a topic of your interest.

To get started with this project, check out these models:


  1. You can create a single trading card, or a series of trading cards, on any topic you wish. Typically the front of the card has a drawing or photograph, often with some information, and the back is mostly information.
  2. You can create your cards entirely by hand (drawing and writing everything), entirely on a computer, or you may be able to blend these formats by creating a drawing which you can scan or photograph and import into a program on your computer to add written information and then print.
  3. If you make your cards standard size—2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches—they will look like commercial cards (sports cards, Pokeman cards, Magic cards). At that size, they will fit into standard card protectors such as notebooks with plastic pockets and hard plastic card protectors. You can purchase those protectors from any collectables store.
  4. If each card you create has numerical data (numbers) about the object on the front, you can also create games that use the cards, based on the numbers.

Working on Projects at Home is different than working in school.
We do not give you lessons or directions.
We give you models of each project to look at carefully, and then you decide how to adopt the project for your interests, skills, materials, time, and any new ideas you have.
Your project does not have to look like the models—it can be inspired by the models.
If you are proud of what you created, we encourage you to share it online with the hashtag: #ProjectsAtHome.

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