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Supporting English Language Learners

May 2019

The Supporting English Language Learners guidance document provides a high level overview of our system for supports for English language learners, including cultural and linguistic supports. Includes details on our use of the California English Language Development standards (ELD), and details about "language dives" and "conversation cues."

We believe that ELLs deserve the same rich, compelling, and challenging curriculum that other students receive. ELLs have developed age appropriate-concepts and understandings about the world—as they have experienced it. They have the same cognitive needs for an enriching and challenging curriculum and learning experiences that any child does. Varying levels of support in using English are built into EL Education’s curriculum to assist ELL's with this compelling and challenging curriculum.

The curriculum encourages teachers to honor and incorporate children’s home languages as students learn English. Teachers can learn words and phrases in their students’ home languages and publicly acknowledge them, for example, by adding the words and phrases to anchor charts and using them during various classroom routines.

To read more about how the curriculum supports English Language Learners, please download the guidance document. 

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