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Student-Led Guidelines for Using Materials and Space

Management in the Active Classroom

Letting students explore and plan how to use materials and space effectively invests them in treating resources well.


- We are gonna wear aprons for this, so your materials person, if you can go get the aprons for your group.

- [Narrator] Rather than hide important tools and materials, teachers can help students learn to use materials carefully and wisely.

- So you’re looking at these numbers, yeah.

- What’s one thing that you can do as an active participant within this art community when it comes to materials?

- We don’t mix paints that shouldn’t be mixed.

- [Narrator] Guidelines for using materials are most effective when student themselves hel to create them.

- Who came up with some lists about the responsibility of being stewards of their iPads? Maddie.

- We made sure the iPads were plugged into their chargers once we were done using them.

- Excellent, so you can just put chargers up there, Armel.

- At each of your tables you have a different tool. The task now is to figure out how those tools work and to write your own instructions, your own guidelines for the tools.

- We define the USB system.

- [Narrator] Students need an opportunity to try out tools, materials and spaces to determine what guidelines should be.

- So those three indicators that would prove all students have used the tool correctly, the buttons are all working and nothing is scratched or broken.

- Sounds like the traffic flow to the turn in bend is a little busy. So paper managers, what are some things you need? Guty?

- It’s the pens are like near the turn in bin, we can make a line so--

- [Narrator] It is helpful to monitor and discuss the guidelines regularly to make sure they are working.

- Can I ask a question? Does it feel like the turn in bin is too close to the materials that the retrievers are putting away and getting? So who needs to change that? Me, so it sounds like we need a new location for the turn in bin.

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