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Student Engaged Assessment

Part of the Character Framework Collection

Students are leaders of their own learning, tracking progress toward standards-based learning and character targets, setting goals, revising, and reflecting on growth and challenges. Students and teachers regularly analyze data and present evidence of their achievement and growth to a range of audiences.


- Who else would add something? Atak, what would you say?

- How about the angle because, not to be mean about the angle, it’s just not exact, so, um--

- Okay so show me, come on up here, Atak. Show me what you would ask him to do slightly differently.

- To make it a little longer.

- Longer where, draw where you would do it.

- Right there.

- Okay so pull this out longer.

- Yeah.

- That’s very specific, Atak, thank you. What do you think about how much progress you’ve made? Atak, what would you say about his progress?

- He made a lot of progress, he persevered doing it. His friends were honest with him.

- When you first get a learning target, a lot of people will kind of be unsure about what that really means, and that’s where the self-assessment comes in, like the fist to five, the thumbs up, and actually I think it’s really important for the teacher to see that too to kind of assess for themselves okay, so where do I really need to address with this group of students? Do they really get it?

- So, thumbs up, thumbs down, do you guys feel like that part is--

- [Student] Are they not really getting it at all? Then the teacher can feel confident they’ve got this target, they really know what to do, they really know where they’re going with it. And then you know, when there’s some students that are kind of this way, they can kind of assess okay, this student’s gonna need some more help. And I think that really goes back to the whole topic of what Odyssey’s really about is making sure that all students succeed and that all students are doing well and that no student is falling short while the rest are moving ahead.

- Awesome.

- To do a student-led conference, you can be in first grade, second grade, or third grade, or fourth grade, or fifth grade, or you can be in kindergarten. Insect expert group is ladybug.

- [Teacher] And they will share their scientific drawings and their learning so far.

- Head, thorax, and abdomen. This is kind of squiggly, but we’re gonna do another one. Thank you for coming to my student-led conference. Do you have any questions? And then you can tell about what do you do to get better and better.

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