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Steven Levy, Leading with Heart

Tribute video for Steven Levy, master teacher whose award-winning classroom served as an early model for EL Education.


- This is the famous Mr. Levy impersonation contest.

- [Narrator] Since the birth of EL education, Steven Levy has been EL’s guiding light. As a person, he is a model of integrity, service, and compassion.

- These are very thoughtful, and if I am correct, you don’t make assumptions.

- You didn’t feel like you had to be a cut-out paper doll. It felt like everybody was different and they had shape, and they were like their own people, not just these like little paper dolls.

- That’s interesting, yeah.

- [Narrator] As an educator, he is a model of wisdom, passion, and curiosity.

- Oh, it is but it’s a little bent.

- It is.

- He would ask a question about wheat, and about life, all in the same sentence.

- It seems to me our biggest goal is somehow to involve them so much in the curriculum that they’re studying, that their interest is natural. The world should hold excitement and joy and thrill as we explore it and find out how it works and what it’s made of. We should be able to take things around us that we’ve just been so jaded to, even the children, they just take it all for granted, and somehow wake those up out of the tomb of the taken for grantedness, and look at it with a fresh eye. And find that in them is sometimes material for fantastic and extraordinary learning experiences.

- [Narrator] His classroom became our model for what an expedition could be. His students always did more than they, and the world, thought possible. And he leads, always, with heart.

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