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Small Group Language Dive - Long Version

This video is a long version of a small group Language Dive with Stephanie Clayton and 3rd graders at Lead Academy in Greenville, South Carolina. This small group consists of six English language learners whose native language is Spanish, and two language minority students, all on various academic levels.

A Language Dive empowers students to analyze, understand, and use the language of academic sentences by slowing down to have a conversation about the meaning, purpose, and structure of a compelling sentence from a complex text or tool. Following the engaging deconstruct-reconstruct-practice routine of the Language Dive, students play with the smallest “chunks” of the sentence, paying close attention to how language works, acquiring the necessary facility with academic English, and fostering overall language ability.

Language Dives promote equity for all learners, and are a key part of the EL Education K-5 Language Arts Curriculum, created by teachers for teachers.


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