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Shutesbury Elementary School - Water Quality Projects (featuring Ron Berger)

This clip, shot professionally by the Harvard Center for Astrophysics, was included as part of an hour-long movie on exemplary science practices in schools. It documents elements from a six-month learning expedition on Water as a Resource, and a pair of projects that required students to test surface water in this rural town for pollution, and then to test the household wells that provide drinking water to families in town. Students collaborated with a local college to test well samples on a mass spectrometer, and prepared individual water quality reports for families and an overview report for the town. This 8-minute clip gives a brief overview of the project, and features a critique session in which student groups present initial data from their research to the full class for critique and guidance. The teacher of this class, Ron Berger, served as an early model for EL Education, and is now the Chief Academic Officer.


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