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Service Activities at Home

Part of the Virtual Crew Collection

In planning and facilitating virtual crew, the goal is to nurture the sense of belonging, purpose, and agency that students need during this time by making space for them to:

  • process their emotions
  • connect with, care for, and find moments of joy and fun with each other
  • learn, talk, and think critically about the times that we’re in
  • advocate and develop skills for themselves and others as remote learners
  • take actions, however big or small, to better themselves, their families, and community.

Activities in service of others can serve any of these purposes, but are often especially good for caring for others, learning, talking, and thinking critically, and taking action.

Better World Day

Better World Day has never been more important than in this time of global crisis with so many in need. In response to the extraordinary circumstances, Better World Day 2020 is launching Better World Day Connections. Students will create Connections—videos, paintings, sidewalk chalk creations, letters, and cards of appreciation for those who are demonstrating courage and kindness by helping others in this difficult time. At a time of physical distancing, Better World Day enables us to be connected in meaningful action.

We are asking students to create messages of care, hope, and gratitude virtually or with materials at home and post with #BetterWorldDay. Each post will appear on EL Education’s Better World Day page in a beautiful gallery of student contributions.

Students, teachers, school leaders and families can help identify individuals to reach out to with messages of appreciation.
Better World Connections will take place throughout April of 2020, culminating on Better World Day, Friday, May 1.

Student Coronavirus Creative Response Project: ”A space where youth voices can counter COVID-19”

This site from education scholars and activists walks students through a curriculum to learn about how this crisis is affecting already vulnerable people, and supports them to write a well-argued advocacy letter or creative project to an elected official. There is an elementary version and a middle/high school version; both are designed to be used directly by students. 


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