Reopening Guidance FAQ

What is EL Education’s Guidance for Reopening?

EL Education’s Guidance for Reopening is a set of resources, research, and recommendations that support schools and districts through planning for reopening, wellness, and innovating in the way we do school.

How can EL Education’s Guidance for Reopening help me?

Whether classes resume in person or remotely this fall, planning for reopening is an opportunity to move towards more equitable schools for students, faculty, and communities. EL Education’s guidance helps educators center a vision of students’ full humanity, honoring their power to activate their learning to contribute to a better world, this fall and beyond.

Will this help me implement the EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum in the fall in person or remotely?

Our guidance will be updated this summer to include resources for teaching the EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum remotely, in person, or a hybrid learning environment. Guidance will include a standards crosswalk, sample schedules for remote learning, options for access to trade books, modified lessons, and research-informed recommendations for teaching literacy in various contexts.

Who contributed to EL Education’s Guidance for Reopening?

Diverse stakeholders have contributed to the creation of our Guidance. Schools and district leaders, EL Education’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and staff from at least five different departments weighed in via surveys, focus groups, and feedback. EL Education will continue to strengthen our guidance based on feedback from educators engaged in planning.

What is not included in EL Education’s Guidance?

EL Education’s peer organizations are offering reliable guidance that can supplement ours. We focus on an instructional vision while others may focus on school policies, budgets, and staffing.

Who can use EL Education’s Guidance?

Whether you’re a longstanding partner or brand new to EL Education’s Core Practices, our guidance can support strategic planning for equitable outcomes. Partners who are familiar with EL Education’s Core Practices will find advice for checking blind spots and adjusting practices for the context of the pandemic. EL Education’s guidance isn’t prescriptive. It can be tailored to meet local needs and specific contexts. 

What is being added to the Guidance?

EL Education is adding models from successful schools and organizations and suggested metrics for successful outcomes periodically throughout the summer. Check back regularly for updates.

How is this different from EL Education’s Remote Learning Resource Center?

You may have seen the EL Education Remote Learning Resource Center, a series of resources we curated to support remote learning in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic. Our guidance is a more formal series of recommendations for strategic planning to achieve equity during the reopening and beyond. 

How is this Guidance organized?

Our recommendations are organized into the five domains of our vision for schools: Empowering Leadership, Crew Culture, Compelling Curriculum, Students as Leaders of Their Own Learning, and Deeper Instruction.

How is the Guidance different from EL Education’s Core Practices?

EL Education’s Guidance for Reopening is drawn from our Core Practices. We have put them in the context of research on our current challenges and opportunities and data from our partner schools and districts.