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Students as Leaders of Their Own Learning

Reopening 2020

Self-directed learning has always been critical to student success, and is especially vital now, when students must direct their own learning with reduced support or in remote settings. But for too long, public discourse on self-directed learning has been compliance-oriented (ability to stay quiet and on task) and treated as internalized, fixed traits of learners (i.e., a child is gritty or not). In contrast to this, EL Education’s  approach to self-directed learning views educators as responsible for supporting students to foster motivation (purposeful, meaningful, mastery-oriented learning) and skills (goal-setting, metacognition, learning strategies) to be successful self-directed learners. Student-engaged assessment is the key to harnessing students’ capacities to become leaders of their own learning (LOTOL).

Key Practices for Reopening

In our Recommendations for Students as Leaders of Their Own Learning for Reopening, you’ll find practical guidance and resources on the following:

  • Communicating a Focus on Learning, Not “Doing”
  • Depth over Breadth
  • Reflection, Progress, and Celebration

These recommendations are drawn from our Full Core Practices, our vision for improving schools, as well as external resources and experts. 

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