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Recommendations for Reopening

EL Education: Moving Toward More Equitable Schools

Regardless of whether schools reopen in school buildings or continue in remote learning (or somewhere in between), planning for reopening is an opportunity to re-examine, transform, and improve our systems to more wholly center on the experiences of our students and staff. Our overarching guidance and support for schools and districts during this global crisis is based on our enduring core values:

  • Remain uncompromisingly focused on a three-dimensional view of student and teacher success.
  • Character and Social Emotional Wellness, and Academic Learning, are interconnected and interdependent; do not separate these two.
  • Ensure equitable outcomes for students and a commitment to social justice are held at the center of decision-making.

To deliver on these core values, we present our framework for reopening centered on our five domains: Empowering Leadership, Crew Culture, Compelling Curriculum, Students as Leaders of Their Own Learning, and Deeper Instruction.

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