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Empowering Leadership

Reopening 2020

The current crisis has reinforced the idea that our education system and our practices must be transformed to better serve the needs of all of our students. This effort starts with clear and empowering leadership that 1) supports staff to be well and learn effectively, and 2) fosters an empowering, equitable, and inclusive vision for schooling and success, one that unites everyone (staff, students, families, and community leaders) in the process to reimagine and create a more equitable and effective experience for students and families.

Key Practices for Re-Opening

In our Recommendations for Empowering Leadership for Reopening, you’ll find practical guidance and resources on the following:

Supporting Staff Wellness and Thriving

  • Staff Wellness
  • Reflection and Learning

Fostering an Empowering, Equitable, and Inclusive Vision for Reopening

  • Shared Vision
  • Continuous Improvement

These recommendations are drawn from our Full Core Practices, our vision for improving schools, as well as external resources and experts. 

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Measurement Tools and Models

Key Resources

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