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Deeper Instruction

Reopening 2020

Teachers are agents for delivering deeper instruction that challenges, engages, and empowers students towards purposeful and effective learning. Despite the real tensions between breadth of coverage and depth of learning (exacerbated by disruptions to teaching and learning), teachers can deliver on learning that lasts through instruction that puts students in active roles - grappling with intriguing problems, reflecting on learning, and presenting their thinking. Leaders ensure high-quality instruction through supportive structures for professional learning and sharing, clear messaging and expectations, and using data effectively.

Key Practices for Reopening

In our Recommendations for Deeper Instruction for Reopening, you’ll find practical guidance and resources on the following:

Ensuring High Quality Instruction Across a School or District for Reopening

  • Establishing High and Clear Expectations for Teaching and Learning
  • Setting Teachers Up for Success
  • Strategic Data Use for Instructional Improvement

Challenging, Engaging, Empowering Instruction for All Students for Re-Opening

  • Challenge
  • Engage
  • Empower
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Measurement Tools and Models

Key Resources

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