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Crew Culture

Reopening 2020

Social-Emotional Wellness and Academic Learning are interconnected and interdependent; do not separate these two. Social-Emotional Wellness is bolstered through both the structure of Crew (a dedicated time for connections and care) and the culture of Crew (strong interpersonal relationships and a culture of care embedded and integrated into academic learning throughout the day). Now more than ever, staff and students need a dedicated space—Crew—for connection and relationship-building that is trauma-responsive, anticipating the potential existence of trauma so that its aftermath can be appropriately addressed at all levels of an organization.

Key Practices for Reopening

In our Recommendations for Crew Culture for Reopening, you’ll find practical guidance and resources on the following:

Promoting Social, Emotional, and Physical Wellness through Trauma- and Culturally-Responsive Practices

  • Social-Emotional Health and Wellness
  • Culturally and Trauma-Responsive Practices

Building Relationships through the Structure and Culture of Crew for Reopening

  • Knowing Students and Families
  • Crew Structures for Connection, Healing, and Thriving

These recommendations are drawn from our Full Core Practices, our vision for improving schools, as well as external resources and experts. 

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