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Compelling Curriculum

Reopening 2020

Every child deserves to experience joy, challenge,  and personal relevance in the academic curricula they experience. In the need and pressure to cover unfinished instructional content, be careful not to sacrifice depth of learning, and be wary of over-remediation or over-assessment. Prioritize the most important concepts, skills, and standards, rather than focusing on “covering” or catching up. 

Key Practices for Reopening

In our Recommendations for Compelling Curriculum for Reopening, you’ll find practical guidance and resources on the following:

Modifying and Enhancing All Curricula for Reopening

  • Supportive and Empowering Curricula
  • Prioritizing Time and Learning
  • Rigorous and Rich Content
  • Monitoring and Improving Implementation

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Measurement Tools and Models

Key Resources

Fall 2020 Guidance for EL Education Language Arts Curriculum (coming soon!) 

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