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Quiz Quiz Trade

Management in the Active Classroom

Fourth-graders in Rebecca Osborn's and Josephine Dales' class at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy in Rochester, NY, engage in a quiz quiz trade protocol. This protocol is inclusive of all students and promotes collaboration and shared understanding as students either guess or share important words or concepts with their classmates in an interactive way.

In this video, students and teachers are engaged with a protocol/engagement strategy from EL Education's grades 3-8 ELA curriculum.


- [Teacher] We have lots of good new vocabulary to review before we get into our science talk and the way we’re going to review them today is with our Quiz Quiz Trade protocol. When our scholars are engaging in Quiz Quiz Trade, we ask them to find a partner and they each have a card. On that card is one of our vocab words as well as a definition.

- Quantity that donates ability to push, pull or twist.

- Force.

- [Student] Yes.

- They’re reading only the definition to each other and waiting for the other scholar to respond with the word.

- Educated guess.

- Hypothesis.

- Okay, you do it.

-With a sentence. Surface used to raise or lower objects.

- Inclined plane?

- Yes.

- That was good.

- [Teacher] And then they will switch cards and go around the room and find someone else who’s looking for a new vocab word as well. If their partner’s struggling with what that vocabulary word is, we try to encourage our scholars to ask for a hint. Say, “I need help,” or, “Can you give me clue?”

- Can I get a hint?

- It’s something that you go up instead of like stairs.

- Oh, a ramp. Okay.

- [Teacher] After maybe two hints and they’re still struggling, it’s okay to give them that word. Tell them what that word is, help them to understand this is what it means, maybe read the definition again. For our students with visual impairments, we make sure that our cards are braille so they’ll have the print and braille on there so that they are able to engage and go around the classroom and pick a variety of partners. They’re not secluded to only working with each other. Quiz Quiz Trade helps our scholars learn by exposing them to many vocabulary words. Whether you’re reading or you’re guessing, you’re benefiting from hearing that vocab, reading its definition. As you’re sharing and trying to teach them about the word, you’re also getting a deeper understanding of what that word means. They’re able to then take those words that they’ve heard and they understand and actually apply them by using them in their writing. So it’s constant reinforcement of that higher-level vocabulary that goes along with whatever the content is that they’re studying. And it involves movement. So, for scholars who have a hard time sitting, you’re not sitting. You’re moving. You’re constantly engaged with somebody different.

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