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Students engage in challenging, meaningful learning experiences, taking on work that is worth doing. They see how their work matters to their own learning and their community. They are getting smart to do good in the world.


- Celebrations are an opportunity for us to invite the people that we’ve worked with all year, the experts we’ve worked with, the people have come into the classroom and the people we’ve been out to see.

- It builds a ramp up to it with sticks.

- I can probably imitate it for you.

- [Woman] Okay.

- It’s like

- Getting kids ready for a night like this happens all year long. Kindergarteners researched an individual bird. The kids went through four to five drafts of their bird. Their research and artwork are all gonna be put together on a note card and then those are sold to the community and the money that’s collected from those note cards are put towards Idaho rehabilitation and conservation efforts. This evening of celebration really proves and shows that they can do it and that they can do anything.

- We’ve had an essential question since day one of this project and been trying to accomplish that. And that question was: Can describing the human experience of immigration change stereotypes we see?

- The students just found out that the money their book is raising is actually going to get one of the immigrants that they interviewed their green card. So, you know, it gave them chills, it gave me chills, it was phenomenal to see that it really is changing people’s lives.

- We’re the next generation, so we could change the world by taking on these topics.

- The students took ownership. They took complete ownership because they knew they were responsible for sharing that human’s story.

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