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Spirit Read

An example protocol adapted for virtual discussion:

Purpose: This protocol invites students to make meaning of a shared reading. It’s ideal for an inspirational poem or reading.

Procedure: Share a reading or poem on the screen. Give students ample time to read and digest the reading.

  • Invite students to choose one line or phrase from the reading that is especially meaningful to them. It’s ok if more than one student chooses the same phrase.
  • Ask all students to put their mics on, but remain silent. Stress the importance of listening deeply between speakers.
  • Invite students, in no particular order, to share their line or phrase from the reading. Repetition is ok! Two people speaking at once is ok! The goal is to hear each voice and to hear the “spirit” of the reading in a new way when it is read in pieces and in a different order. (If necessary, you may ask students to indicate that they are about to speak by raising their hand on their video camera).  Be playful! This may take a little practice before students can do this without talking over one another.

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