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Projects at Home

Part of the Virtual Crew Collection

Click here to access over thirty projects that can be done at home with family or in a virtual classroom.

Introduction, by Ron Berger

Looking for cool projects that can engage students at home and support academic learning at the same time? We mined our collection of student projects—the world’s largest collection of quality student work—for projects that kids can do at home. We chose some simple projects that can be done in one session, and others that may take a few days or more. They can be self-directed projects, or supported by family or teachers.

This is not just a collection of engaging project ideas. Kids can view beautiful versions of completed projects, done by students of all ages from all over the world, to get inspired, get ideas, and set high standards for their work. The projects span pre-school to high school, and almost every project can be adjusted for older or younger children. 


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EL Education

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