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Paper Management

Management in the Active Classroom

Good systems help track and keep student work organized in your classrooms.


- [Teacher] Now, go ahead and grab the do now.

- [Narrator] Even in a digital age, there are still a lot of paper documents in classrooms.

- You’ve been using this board to get your peer critiques and also to get your drafting.

- Uh, like something you can work on, like a stair.

- [Narrator] Creating smart systems that are student-friendly for turning in work, organizing, and filing work is important. File storage boxes, portfolios, and binders require frequent tune-ups to stay organized. Ideally, students themselves will manage this paperwork, saving time and building independence.

- When I’m all done, I’m gonna put it right over there. Where the other work is. It’s where my turn-in bin is.

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