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Obama on EL: We Want These to Be the Rule

Barack Obama praises EL Education.


- So, I’ll end with a great story. Estefan Rodriguez, good looking young guy right here, could not speak word of english when he moved to the United States at age of nine. Today, he’s one of the top students in his senior class at Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning Schools or WHEELS. Last month, he and his classmates marched down the streets of Washington Heights in New York City through cheering crowds. The march was to the post office where they mailed in their college applications. This son of a factory worker who didn’t speak much English just six years ago, won a competitive scholarship to attend Dickinson College this fall.

- [Narrator] Help us spread this success to more classrooms in America.

- [Obama] We don’t want these to be the exceptions, we want these to be the rule.

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