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Nature Art

Part of the Projects at Home Collection

Create artwork outdoors by arranging or building with rocks, leaves, sticks, dirt, sand, seeds, and ice.

To get started with this project, check out these models:


  1. You can create nature art by arranging or building with objects you find outside, such as rocks, leaves, sticks, sand, dirt, seeds, and ice. You can create interesting designs or sculptures.
  2. Most nature art does not use man-made tools or connectors (like nails or glue). The natural objects are just arranged or stacked or woven in some way.
  3. Try to take pictures of your nature art because it often does not last long outside. Don’t worry if it doesn’t last a long time.
  4. The artist Andy Goldsworthy has based his career on nature art. If you search online for images of Andy Goldsworthy’s art, you will see lots of models of what is possible.

Working on Projects at Home is different than working in school.
We do not give you lessons or directions.
We give you models of each project to look at carefully, and then you decide how to adopt the project for your interests, skills, materials, time, and any new ideas you have.
Your project does not have to look like the models—it can be inspired by the models.
If you are proud of what you created, we encourage you to share it online with the hashtag: #ProjectsAtHome.

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