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Management in the Active Classroom

About Management in the Active Classroom

It's what every educator wants and can have: a classroom that is respectful, active, collaborative, and growth-oriented. We believe that good classroom management skills aren't magic or a lucky gift given to a chosen few. Management in the Active Classroom provides clear, straightforward guidance to help all teachers learn, practice, and master techniques and protocols that build self-discipline, responsibility, engagement, and leadership skills in their students.

Management in the Active Classroom is filled with proven, practical strategies harvested from successful schools across the United States. Strategies are described in concrete language, illustrated through classroom examples, and illuminated by companion videos. This guide will equip teachers, whether veterans or brand-new, to join inspired, collaborative learning with a calm and thoughtful classroom culture.

Key features of Management in the Active Classroom include:

  • Twenty-seven accompanying videos of classroom management in action
  • Fifteen accompanying videos of protocols in action
  • Collaborative Culture PD Pack that supports self-study of these practices
  • Twenty-three individual classroom management practices related to: teacher presence; norms; routines; communication; group work; and deeper support for challenging behaviors
  • Scenarios for discussion with colleagues for each classroom management practice
  • Common challenges and possible solutions for each classroom management practice
  • Forty-three protocols and strategies to build engagement, collaboration, and responsibility

“Finally, a coherent collection of strategies that positions classroom management in service of student learning...It should be a core text for every teacher.”

Steven R. Mahoney , Associate Director and Director of School Partnerships, Harvard Teacher Fellows

Make the Most of Management in the Active Classroom

The practices featured in Management in the Active Classroom can be used in any classroom, at any grade level. The book is also a companion to EL Education’s Grades K–8 English Language Arts Curriculum. 

EL Education also offers professional development related to Management in the Active Classroom. For more information about existing opportunities, or to make inquiries about bringing professional development to your area, email us at

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Suggested Use

Schoolwide book study, tool for professional coaching, or anchor text for professional learning communities.


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