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Make the World Better

This music video was composed, rehearsed, and performed by EL Education students during the covid19 crisis while in physical isolation. It was made in two weeks in order to celebrate Better World Day, a day on which EL Education students contribute to their communities. The students accomplished this while also doing distance learning and in some cases helping siblings and working at essential jobs. This could not have been possible without the families who supported their children’s creative contributions while quarantined. This collaborative effort to bring joy, give gratitude, and offer comfort during a time of crisis is an example of the EL Education community doing more than we think possible. Even when apart, we’re going to make the world better. #BetterWorldDay #ELEducation

Featuring 34 Student Musicians from 11 schools in 7 states:
Charlotte Bowder - Songwriter, Keys, Vocals
Luthando Mngqibisa - Vocals
Emanuel Kratc - Bass
Eliza MacCleod - Flute
Holden Van Etten - Electric Guitar
Halim Moldaver - Cello
Simon Hale - Alto Sax
Uther Dadaleares - Drums
Ella Ferguson - Violin
Krishna - Viola
Kaylan Colon - Bucket drum
G’shauni C. Woodard - Bucket drum
Esairon Stuckey - Bucket drum
Lakia S. Adams - Bucket drum
Mekhi Barton - Bucket drum
Denym - Beatbox
Haylee Faye - Scissors
Murphy Klassen - Scissors
Audrina - Scissors
Emma Smith - Grater
Lucas Smith - Spoons
Henry Loring-Shenk - Spoons
Shea - Pot and spoon
Cecilia Horne- Spoons
Lily Horne- Whisk
Zahara - Claps
Gabriel Vargas - Claps
Medina Rogers - Claps
Alejandro Torres - Claps
Gaiden - Claps
Jordan S. - Claps
Savanna Moorer - Claps
M’aiana - Tahitian Toere
Sydney Pitzer- Sign Language

Animal Collaborators: Oreo, Maui, Jasper, & Max
No animals were harmed in the production of this video.

Thank you to our supportive families who encouraged, coached, recorded, re-recorded, uploaded, re-uploaded while in quarantine:
Charonda Scarelli, Corinne Brandon, Matthew, Meghan, & Norah Klassen, Michelle Navarre, Jocelyn Hardy, Ana Vargas, Robin & Darius Adams, Rochelle & Michael Hale, Becky & Pete Martinez, Jennifer & Dan MacCleod, Chinyere Patrick, Ms. Indhumathi, Sai, Sandra Kratc, Alexis Little, Katie Shenk & Anna Loring, and Kayla Flores.

Essential Educators and other supporters:
Victoria Stubbs, Mandolyn Barrymore, Jessica Wood, Derek Pierce, Tina Meglich, Susan Jurries, Lori Berryman, Erica Young, Gabriel Gumiran, Graham Johnson, Annie Holyfield, and Shatera Weaver.

11 EL Education public schools involved:

  • Casco Bay High School (in collaboration with Portland Arts and Technology High School) in Portland, ME
  • Conway Elementary School in Escondido, CA
  • Polaris Charter Academy in Chicago, IL
  • Metropolitan School of Expeditionary Learning in Queens, NY
  • Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School in NY, NY
  • Launch Charter School in Brooklyn, NY
  • Arbor Vitae Woodruff Elementary School in Arbor-Vitae, WI
  • Joe Shoemaker Elementary School in Denver, CO
  • Silverton Elementary School in Silverton, CO
  • Odyssey School of Denver, CO
  • Amana Academy in Alpharetta, GA

Production Team: Rosa Gaia, Sean Brennan, Katie Schneider

Music Instruction: Victoria Stubbs, Mandolyn Barrymore

Music Production by Sean Brennan


Created By

EL Education

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