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Lesson Plan Examples - Asynchronous Virtual Crew

Part of the Virtual Crew Collection

When getting started, the goal is provide simple and accessible tools for leading Crew and creating moments of connection.

Key moves towards this goal:

  • Evaluate access to technology
  • Pick a platform/format
  • Decide on live/synchronous or recorded/asynchronous
  • Adapt or create a planning template, and begin planning

We offer these videos as an example of what crew can look like when instead of a group in a virtual meeting space, it's a recording that everyone has access to when it's convenient for them.

Just like live/synchronous crew meeting, these recordings tend to follow a consistent pattern. Often, it's an order like this:

  1. A check in or greeting
  2. A reading
  3. An activity or initiative

This format can be used for whole-school connection (often called Community Circle or Community Crew).

Rosemary Elementary in San Jose, CA is making weekly videos for their whole community.

Recordings can also be made by one teacher/Crew Leader for just their own small group of students. 

At Amana Academy in Alpharetta, GA, some teachers are holding live meetings with their crews, and others are making simple recordings that students then respond to throughout the day using Google Classroom. These recordings follow a format that the teacher chooses; often they start by grounding students in their goals for the day, and include some jokes and discussion questions.

Click here to see a 7th grade example.

Have an example to share? We are learning alongside you about what virtual crew can look like, and welcome your contributions. Use this form or email Sarah Norris at

And for treasure hunters out there, we are maintaining this public folder with everything we find. 


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