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Leaders of Their Own Learning (Promotional Video)

Leaders of Their Own Learning offers a new way of thinking about assessment based on the celebrated work of EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning). Student-Engaged Assessment involves students in understanding and investing in their own growth, changing the primary role of assessment from evaluating and ranking students to motivating them to learn. Student-Engaged Assessment ignites the capacity of students to take responsibility for their own learning, building the independence, critical thinking skills, perseverance, and self-reflective understanding they need to meet the demands of the Common Core, reach higher levels of achievement, and succeed in college, career and life.


- My name is Trinity. I am in kindergarten. To do a student-led conference, you can be in first grade, second grade, or third grade, or fourth grade, or fifth grade, or you can be in kindergarten.

- Hello everyone. This whole entire presentation is to prove to everyone that is here that I am ready for 11th grade.

- Austin had to use this photograph as his model. This is called a tiger swallowtail.

- I knew it.

- [Narrator] The remarkable achievement and college readiness of these students is based on a revolutionary set of assessment practices. A new book from Expeditionary Learning captures those practices that put students in the driver’s seat as leaders of their own learning. These eight practices work together as a system to build high-achieving schools in classrooms. They’re also powerful as independent practices.

- You might not know that, when you pull one piece of homework out, that you’re bad at something. When we are tracking your homework, and you look at all of the homework that you got back, you know that it’s an aha moment that you got this wrong.

- [Narrator] Student-engaged assessment expands assessment from measurement and diagnostic to motivation, inspiring students to become self-directed, critical thinkers.

- Don’t put those little tail things so pointed in. I’d say put them more pointed down.

- Let’s look at his last draft.

- He made a lot of progress. He persevered doing it. His friends were honest with him.

- They were specific but they weren’t mean about it.

- You just don’t use things in your head. You wanna use a sharp eye.

- [Narrator] Drawn from 20 years of experience, creating high-achieving public schools across the United States, expeditionary learning brings together the most effective practices for increasing achievement and engagement, and preparing students for their futures.

- When you go into the classroom, usually the first thing that we see for the day is our learning target.

- The learning targets aren’t really just there. The teachers usually make sure that everyone understands what’s going on before they dive into the learning.

- A lot of people will be unsure about that really means, and that’s where the self-assessment comes in, like the fist of five.

- Not just some students know what we’re being asked to learn about, all students understand the concept.

- [Narrator] Leaders of their Own Learning provides guidance for getting started, case studies, examples from high-achieving schools, and high-quality video that brings the practices to life.

- Length is 24 centimeters. Its song, I can probably imitate it for you.

- [Woman] Okay.

- It’s like

- Textbooks are often behind the times. They do not reflect how we are and where we’ve come from and where we’ve come to. And this kind of presentation by these young people, I think, would be just an absolute wonderful experience for everybody to have because we are making some strides in this nation.

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