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Kindergarten Student-Led Conference

Kindergartner, Trinity, shares her academic progress, supported by evidence from her portfolio, with her parents and teacher, Jennifer Rocker, at Delaware Ridge Elementary School in Kansas City, KS.

This video accompanies the book Leaders of Their Own Learning: Transforming Schools through Student-Engaged Assessment.


- My name is Trinity. I am in Kindergarten and my school is called Delaware Ridge Elementary School. ♪ We welcome you with our words. ♪ ♪ We welcome you with our hearts. ♪

-First thing that our students do is they greet their parents or whoever is there to listen to their learning.

- And we say “Would you like a high five, handshake or a hug?”

- How about a high five? The second thing we do is our welcome song.


- Good job!

-To get kindergarteners ready for their student led conference.

- Here are two of my reading strategies.

- There you go.

- We just take it a little bit by little Students will share their learning targets before they talk about each page that they are sharing.

- I can demonstrate how to picture clues when reading. It’s a dragonfly.

- How do you know that’s a dragonfly?

- Cause a dragonfly has these things. I can stretch out words to hear all the sounds. Eh Guh Guh Eh, guh, guh egg. To do a student led conference you can be in first grade, second grade, or third grade or fourth grade or fifth grade or you can be in kindergarten. I can find the sum of two numbers. We put it dots to make it equal the seven. Since I taught you will you do one? Whatever kind of grade you’re in.

- Can I use any two numbers? Ten plus ten. You have to practice and learn how to do your conferences before you do it and your teacher can help you.

- One two three four five six seven.

-We practice for our conferences in our classrooms. We do a fishbowl. I showed the students what it would look like and what it will sound like. And then a student will do a fishbowl. And student will share their learning and do their portfolio for the class.

- Twenty. Of their rings cool! Thank you.

- I know a draft of a monarch. These are the things that make the monarch. Focused eyes, symmetry. One side is like the other side and the wings, the body parts, antennas and legs. What I like about is the colors because it looks beautiful. And the fixes I needed to change is the symmetry because I think this wing is more than that wing.

-The last thing they will talk about is their science. So we’ve done scientific drawings in their learning and how they got to that final draft. They are in insect expert groups.

- My insect expert group is ladybug.

-And they will share their scientific drawings and their learning so far.

- Thorax and abdomen. This is kind of squiggly but we’re going to do another one. The states has three type of ladybugs. They are red and orange and yellow, yellow.

-So that was our first draft right? So what would you like to work on for your next draft?

- Finger spaces.

- Okay. That’s a great first.

- You will practice and practice and get really better. Thank you for coming to my student led conference. Do you have any questions? And then you can tell about what you do to get better and better and you can, you can tell them all about it.


-Good job!

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