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Kids Like Cold Call and No Opt Out

Sixth-grade students at the Springfield Renaissance School in Springfield, MA describe why they think checking for understanding using cold call and no opt out is a good idea.

This video accompanies the book Leaders of Their Own Learning: Transforming Schools through Student-Engaged Assessment.


- Teachers check to see if we understand. Like, Miss Woods would use cold call, and all the sixth grade teachers use cold call and see if we understand it. But, if we don’t understand it, they’ll have somebody who does understand it answer the question, then have us repeat what the person says.

- Well, we do cold call, I sometimes forget what I have to say, the answer. So, when I get it wrong, she asks someone else the right answer and after that, she asks me again and then I remember the answer and I tell her.

- When I do cold call, it makes me nervous ‘cause I don’t know if I’m next and I don’t know. I don’t know if she’s gonna call me or I might stutter or get the answer wrong.

- I think cold call is a really good thing because you don’t know that you’re getting called on and if you might not know the answer, you can get help with trying to find out the answer.

- I know I’m gonna be picked sooner or later ‘cause she has so many questions in store that there’s enough to go around everybody.

- I think it helps the kids because it shows them that they’re paying attention and it shows that they know all the answers for what the questions Miss Wood is asking them. And it teaches them how to pay attention in class.

- If you’re not paying attention and she calls on you, you know that she’s gonna come back. So, you really have to listen to the next person she calls on so when she calls back on you, you know the answers.

- Most of the time, I get the answers right and it’s good.

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