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Informative Posters

Part of the Projects at Home Collection

Create a poster with illustrations and information about a topic you choose.

To get started with this project, check out these models:


  1. Your informative poster can be any size you wish. If you have standard poster-sized paper at home (12” x 18”,18” x 24”, 24”x 36”), any of those will work, but you can also use regular letter-sized paper (8 ½” x 11”) and make a smaller poster. You can create it with pencil, pen, marker, paint, or paper collage, or you can create it online using a program and then print it.

  2. An informative poster gives the reader information. You can choose any topic of your interest to use words, designs, and images (drawings or photographs) to teach your reader new things.

  3. Before you start adding words and drawings to your poster paper, plan out how you are going to use the whole page. Think about dividing the page into sections. How will your poster grab attention? Keep your interest across the whole page? Look balanced in how space is used? Plan out each section before you start.

  4. Think about what size and type of lettering you want to use. You can find many fonts (lettering styles) online. Many posters use only capital letters for the titles. If you draw your letters and you want your lettering to be straight and the same size, use a ruler to create light pencil lines for the top and bottom of each letter. You can also create your lettering on a computer, print it, cut it out, and paste it onto your poster.

Working on Projects at Home is different than working in school.
We do not give you lessons or directions.
We give you models of each project to look at carefully, and then you decide how to adopt the project for your interests, skills, materials, time, and any new ideas you have.
Your project does not have to look like the models—it can be inspired by the models.
If you are proud of what you created, we encourage you to share it online with the hashtag: #ProjectsAtHome.


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