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How to Design a Language Dive

This resource is intended to provide all educators with an overview of the process of designing a Language Dive. The suggestions should be modified to meet the needs of your ELLs across K-12 in all content areas.

Users of the EL Education Language Arts Curriculum (2nd edition) should read the Supporting English Language Learners guidance, the Language Dive overview in the Module 1 Appendix of the Teacher Guide, and practice implementing the curriculum Language Dives before using this document.

What is a Language Dive?

A Language Dive empowers students to analyze, understand, and use the language of academic sentences, which often seems opaque to students. During the daily Language Dive, the teacher and students slow down for 10-20 minutes to have a conversation about the meaning, purpose, and structure of a compelling sentence from a complex text, or from a learning target, checklist, or rubric included in the curriculum. Following the engaging deconstruct-reconstruct-practice routine of the Language Dive (see Step 5, below), students play with the smallest “chunks” of the sentence, acting them out, rearranging them, or using them to talk about their own lives. As a result of paying close attention to how language works, all students begin to acquire the necessary facility with academic English and English language learners (ELLs) strengthen their overall language ability. 

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