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Giving Clear Directions

Management in the Active Classroom

Delivering clear directions allows students to follow with accuracy and focus.


- Let me explain the rules or the kind of procedure for each team. And then you’re gonna have about 20 or 25 minutes to tackle this. Take a look up front at the center board.

- [Narrator] When students transition to group work, clear directions are key.

- So, looking for specifically steps one and two, and then you can identify your next steps on your tracker and get to work.

- [Narrator] It is important that the class is silent to hear directions and that directions are short and simple.

- Bring your problem, your pencil and a clipboard down to the floor. What do you need to bring?

- [Narrator] It is often helpful to give logistical directions first, where to sit, whom to sit with, and give academic directions after groups are settled and ready to listen.

- I’d like you to label the following. We’re gonna do step number one. So, if you can, find the claim, circle it...

- [Narrator] It is helpful to make directions visible and to have students repeat the directions so that it’s clear that all have heard them.

- What is the significance of this quote? Lisa, what are we gonna do?

- Use the motifs.

- Yeah, use the motifs or the themes. Three minutes, go!

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