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Give One, Get One, Move On (Go Go Mo)

Management in the Active Classroom

Jill Znaczko's eighth-graders at the Expeditionary Learning Middle School in Syracuse, New York, use the Go Go Mo protocol to share and gain knowledge in preparation for an assessment.

In this video, students and teachers are engaged with a protocol/engagement strategy from EL's grades 3-8 ELA curriculum.


- The Give One, Get One protocol is going to allow you to give some of the information you have just learned in your expert text as well as get a piece of information that you did not read about that somebody else did. We’re going to share information as a way to study right now. Give One, Get One, Move On, or Go Go Mo, is a protocol that allows students to share review material that they gathered. I’m going to ask you to write one new piece of evidence you have learned about metamorphosis. Students start Go Go Mo by writing down one piece of evidence that they have learned, or have reviewed during that class period. We’re going to pass our clipboards in just a moment around the table until they are completely filled with information all about the topic?

- Metamorphosis.

- Thank you. So students are required to read all the pieces of information that have been recorded and add something new each time. Please finish your word and switch papers again. Each person can give a piece of information and when the students receive their paper back they will have a worksheet full of information based on that topic. You have now a document filled with information that is going to help you study the topic of metamorphosis. And so we are going to take this one step further and we are going to have a give one, get one mingle. We are now going to gather information from everybody in this whole room. You might want to bring along some of your text because they might help you give one. We’re using the same exact worksheet, but this time you’re going to interact with nine different people in this room.

- I learned that metamorphosis is mental and physical changes.

- When a frog is fully developed, it goes and lays or fertilizes eggs.

- [Jill] Go Go Mo promotes equity and inclusion in a classroom by allowing all students to interact with every single person.

- This process may takes a few days or several months. As we move around, we can give out some of the same information, and that makes us memorize the information more.

- [Jill] Every single student is addressed and provides an answer. This ensures that students read and listen to what all other students have recorded.

- Metamorphosis has two changes. We are able to interact with our peers more than we would if we would have just did a regular review, which I think helped us be more focused and engaged into the subject.

- At 10 weeks, the tadpole’s lungs are fully functioning. When it’s just the teacher talking, you’re not as focused.

- The egg, the larva... When we do something that’s fun, we’ll remember it, because it was fun.

- [Jill] Today’s students used Go Go Mo to review content, and they left with information that they could go home and study. You’re studying, you’re memorizing, and you’re practicing. Not only is this a document for you to take home and study, you’re going through a study process right here.

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