First Five Minutes/Last Five Minutes

Management in the Active Classroom

The beginning and end of every instructional period are critical instructional opportunities.


- [Instructor] Grab a do now. Regular assigned seats.

- [Narrator] The opening and closing of lessons are crucial. They set the frame for engagement and understanding.

- [Instructor] We have the same ritual every day. They come in, they grab that do now, which is a half slip of paper, and they go to their assigned seat. And they know that they have the first five minutes to get their homework out, make sure that they have a sharpened pencil, and that their do now is getting done.

- If you could all open up the Louie’s Change.

- [Narrator] Opening routines and tasks should have a clear purpose.

- I want you to read these questions ahead of time so you know what we’re looking for as we dive deep into the text.

- [Narrator] Entry tickets and exit tickets help students be independent.

- Our exit ticket is this very brief self-assessment on the learning target.

- [Narrator] And help teachers check for understanding.

- So I’m looking at this exit ticket. His elaboration is solid. He’s deciding between what’s the most relevant evidence, so that’s a higher level understanding.

- Before you leave the floor today I want you to write down two things. Number one, what was the most interesting representation you saw today? And number two, what is the first thing you wanna do when you go back to this problem tomorrow?

- [Narrator] Strong closings do three things. Synthesize and solidify learning, reflect on progress, and make next steps clear.

- [Instructor] All right, guys, great job today. Make sure to hand me your exit ticket on the way out the door to lunch, and keep up the good work.

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