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Exhibit Guide to Student Work at National Conference 2017


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Raising Awareness: The 6th Mass Extinction

After studying human impacts on biodiversity and the possibility of a 6th Mass Extinction, students learned about different types of environmentalists, including scientists, conservationist, activists, and art activists, and figured out where they fit in the mix. They created a collaborative art awareness performance each spotlighting a threatened or endangered species from a particular biome.

Raising Awareness: The 6th Mass Extinction​​ | Grade 5 | From Palouse Prairie Charter School in the West Region

“Are We There Yet?” Reflections on Classic and Modern Dystopia

Students read and analyzed dystopia stories. Works included Brave New World, Animal Farm, 1984, and Harrison Bergeron. Students were given a choice of writing an article or a story. They then shifted into workshop mode and generated artwork to accompany the written pieces.

“Are We There Yet?” Reflections on Classic and Modern Dystopia I Grades 11/12 | From Open World Learning Community in the Midwest Region

Seed Scents

The student work, Seed Scents, was a part of the Learning Expedition, “Pollinators! I’ll Bee Back.” Throughout the expedition, students built research skills and science knowledge through a study of the secret world of plants and pollinators.

"Seed Scents" | Grade 2 | From Lead Academy Charter School in the Atlantic Region

Four Freedoms

Students explored concepts of freedom by looking at Norman Rockwell’s famous paintings of the Four Freedoms, printed in the Saturday Evening Post in 1943. As students examined these images and their historical context, they studied the concepts and meanings of the same freedoms today through a variety of readings, service fieldwork, discussions with guest lecturers, movies and other research. Students then expressed their personal experiences and reflections on the ideas of freedom through a variety of writing and visual art projects, culminating with a Freedom Collage exhibition.

"Four Freedoms" | Grade 8 | From King Middle School in the New England Region

Arthropods of the Rain Forest

This compilation of art and writing was done in culmination of the 5th grade, Module 2, Unit 3: Biodiversity in Rainforests of the Western Hemisphere. Students were asked to explore various ways that researchers share information back to their colleagues. This resulted in unique formats, language, and style for each piece of writing.

Arthropods of the Rain Forest​​ | Grade 5 | From Explore Elementary in the Mountain Region

Fight For Our Rights - Activists Profiles

Students interviewed activists in New York City and art students created portraits to accompany the essays they wrote. The final drafts of profiles and portraits is compiled into the book pictured here and was distributed to local activist organizations, libraries and students citywide.

Fight For Our Rights | Grade 8 | From MELS (New York City Outward Bound)

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