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Ethical People

Part of the Character Framework Collection

Students work to become ethical people, who treat others with respect and compassion, and stand up for what is right.


- Don’t dismiss service for the sake of losing academic rigor. They need to coexist. Don’t sacrifice what gives purpose to what you teach us and what we want to learn.

- We became passionate about telling the story of our veterans to show our appreciation for their sacrifices.

- After one funeral, the daughter of that vet came to us and thanked us for creating the documentary of her father, because they played our work during his service. At that moment we knew that the frustrations and the struggles we faced to produce the vision we wanted was worth it. We ask that if you are currently serving, have served, or lost someone in your family from serving, please stand so that we may recognize your sacrifice. [Atak] Friday after school, me and my friends were walking down to the bus stop. All of a sudden a guy just walks by, he’s yelling racial slurs,

- [Announcer] In response, both students and teachers at Casco Bay High School decided that action needed to be taken to show support for those students affected.

- [Derek] The most important things that I’ve learned from Expeditionary Learning is the importance of having social justice issues at the core of your curriculum. Kids are gonna be excited and inspired by it. It’s what gets them engaged, heart and head. The second reason is ‘cause it’s the right thing to do, because we need kids fighting for social justice issues, we need them prepared to take on the issues of the day. The sum of kind of the structures and the million everyday actions of people in those structures is what leads to kids having the courage to bring their full voice to the world. ♪ Everyone is welcome here... No Hate ♪

- So the incident showed us how resilient we could be in the face of adversity.

- [Atak] The whole school went down to march. That’s what Casco is all about, having each other’s backs, being, like I guess, like a second family.

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