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Empowering Leadership

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Schools create a strong and cohesive school vision focused on all three dimensions of student achievement, continuous improvement, and shared leadership responsibilities. Leaders shape school structures to provide equitable education to all students, celebrate joy in learning, and build a schoolwide learning community of relational trust and collaboration.


- The previous principal, Kim Reed, led the staff through the process of starting to change the culture here. That’s where EL Education came in. I came on board the following year, ...reading through Core Practices, it was one of those moments of oh my gosh, where you have been all my life? I felt the crew sprit when I arrived. People were doing work together. They were invested.

- [Teacher] It resonated with a lot of us that this is how I wanna teach, and this is how I want my kids to learn.

- That has really gotten the attention of our district because they want to know what is really happening because we are absolutely seeing those results. The model itself

- is a different approach. It allows everybody to reach for their potential. I know I’ve changed a lot.

- [Teacher] EL has brought us together in kind of a common mind.

- And that felt really powerful that it was coming from us.

- We just are inundated with data, and the stacks of papers that come with it. And our goal, was to take those stacks of papers and numbers, and connect it to a real child. And we try to look at ways that we can meet the child where they are. And as a group of educators, which includes the classroom teacher, the instructional specialists, the administrators, and any other adult that may be supporting that child, to come together, know who this child is, and who he or she is as a learner. And talk about instructional practice, and how we can move it forward. And once you make it teacher-friendly, then teachers begin to own that data.

- Most of you took your DRA on January 13th, and then you’re gonna see

- [Sheela] And the press there is now complete the cycle and bring it to the kids. Because they are really the actual owner of that data. ‘Cause that data belongs to them.

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