ELVS20: Teachers Speak - Angelica Jackson (host), Pamela Hornbuckle, Justin Gustavo Lopez-Cardoze, Susan Jurries

Angelica Jackson, a manager on the Partnership Development Team at EL Education, leads an honest conversation with three EL Education teachers. Pamela Hornbuckle, Justin Gustavo Lopez-Cardoze, and Susan Jurries bring diverse perspectives and insights to what is working in schools during the pandemic, what practices matter most, and equity issues facing schools today.

Pamela Hornbuckle (literacy coach in Detroit Public Schools Community District) has worked for 23 years in the same district she attended for her K-12 education, the Detroit Public Schools (Community District). Throughout her career, Ms. Hornbuckle has demonstrated a love, passion, and commitment for her students, families, colleagues, administrators, and the school community at large around the district. She has worked as a classroom teacher for 18 years, a Restorative Practices Coach at the district level for 2 years, and instructional specialist/literacy coach for 3 years.

Justin Gustavo Lopez-Cardoze (Capital City Public Charter School, Washington, DC) currently teaches 7th-grade and is the 2020 District of Columbia State Teacher of the Year. Mr. Lopez-Cardoze has enacted work throughout D.C.’s landscape to honor, support, and defend the Latinx community. His passion work has recently shifted to empower and actively involve teachers when generating systemic decisions grounded in distance learning, emphasizing the need to leverage immigrant educators to maximize access to institutional liberation for immigrant families and students.

Susan Jurries (Arbor Vitae Woodruff Elementary School, Arbor Vitae, WI) has been an educator for 20 years, teaching the first 12 as a middle school English and history teacher, and the past 7 years in 4th grade at AV-W School. She firmly believes that by building this Crew relationship within her classroom, it then allows her to push students beyond their comfort zone and to accomplish more than they thought possible both individually and as a Crew. Susan has committed herself in and out of the classroom to advocate for students and their families with special needs.


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