ELVS20: Klingenstein Teacher Award - Tawana Jordan

Tawana Jordan is the winner of the 2020 Klingenstein Teacher Award. This award is presented annually to an exemplary EL Education teacher who is judged by their peers to have most successfully transmitted to students the essence of EL Education culture: building exemplary character, driving outstanding academic achievement, and instilling an ethic of citizen scholarship.

This award was established by Lee Klingenstein, the EL Education as Founding Board Chair, who passed away earlier this year. His vision continues to inform and inspire us.

Sara Boeck Batista, the winner of the 2019 Klingenstein Teacher Award, presents this award to Ms. Jordan with some glowing testimonials from her colleagues.

Tawana Jordan has been a teacher in Detroit Public schools for 24 years, and has recently experienced the transformative results of a districtwide implementing the EL Education curriculum.

Ms. Jordan had read that the most common phrase of 2019 was “You are on mute”. She speaks about how it made her think of all the different ways people are silenced or put on mute, how she will use her voice to fight for the voiceless or the muted, and how “the EL Education curriculum has unmuted students because kids can see themselves- their stories, their experiences, their identities- in what they are learning.”


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