ELNC19 Plenaries: Sara Boeck Batista - Klingenstein Award Presented by Annie Holyfield

Sara Boeck Batista is the winner of the 2019 Klingenstein Teacher Award. This award is presented annually to an exemplary EL Education teacher who is judged by his or her peers to have most successfully transmitted to students the essence of EL Education culture: building exemplary character, driving outstanding academic achievement, and instilling an ethic of “citizen scholarship.” 

Annie Holyfield, 2018 Klingenstein Teacher Award winner, introduces Batista with some words from her colleagues and students, then passes down her 'magic wand' to continue the legacy.

Batista calls on educators to "allow students to create a new world that is unfamiliar to us: to make our world a better place that can repair the planet, honor the dignity of all people, repair the harms of the past, and break down the walls between us and those in need."

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